Wody Lecznicze
Spring Water

Nasza firma zlokalizowana jest w południowej Polsce, pomiędzy pasmami górskimi Gorców i Beskidu Wyspowego. U podstaw naszej działalności leży wydobycie i rozlew wód mineralnych, leczniczych i źródlanych. Jesteśmy obecni na rynku od 1999 roku...

źródło polskie wody lecznicze

Sourced directly from the spring.

In the Małopolskie Voivodeship, deep underground, one can discover a remarkable gift of nature. These are the sources of crystalline mineral waters and therapeutic waters that, due to their high mineral content, have a very beneficial impact on the body.

We extract our water lines from pristine areas located in the Beskid Wyspowy and near the Gorczański National Park and the Gorce Mountains. In the heart of the mountains, waters enriched with a unique composition of minerals are born. Nature itself oversees the production of every drop.

Purity you can trust.

Spring waters originating from the mountainous regions of Małopolska are one of nature's most precious gifts. Unlike tap water, which may contain small amounts of chemical contaminants such as chlorine, pesticides, or even heavy metals, spring water extracted from natural sources is known for its exceptional purity.

The purity of spring water doesn't solely arise from the distribution of natural springs in the mountains, where industrial or urban pollution is absent. It is also contributed by the natural filtration process, involving the water percolating through various layers of soil and rocks. In this process, the majority of contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, or solid particles, are naturally removed.

Beneficial health composition.

The beneficial properties of spring waters were already known in the 15th century, as documented by the eminent medieval Polish historian, Jan Długosz. Particularly remarkable are the therapeutic mineral waters containing elements such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, lithium, iodine, and iron.

Healing waters provide essential elements for maintaining balance in the body. Thanks to their unique mineral composition, they also support the treatment of various ailments, ranging from digestive system disorders, obesity, and heart diseases to allergies and urinary system issues. The beneficial properties depend on the type of medicinal water, with each having different applications.

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